Friday, 3 October 2014

How to Tackle Red Skin

I'm going to coax you into this post with this picture of me all glowy and lovely, fully made up and at my very best. Because the next picture you will see is the horrific reality of my bare skin...

I know, and I'm sorry - I did tell you it was horrific so you should have clicked away then. I look like Mr Potato head don't I?

My biggest skin issue, I feel, is my pink coloured skin. I got off lightly with this picture actually, as it is often worse than this. However, I can honestly say that I have no worries about being the colour of Miss Piggy because I've got it all sussed out in terms of covering it up and keeping it covered all damn day.

Let me share my four best secrets with you.


I have held green primers very close to my heart since I first tried one many years ago - it was the now discontinued L'oreal Studio Secrets primer. The green will counteract redness and give you a blank canvas to work with. You will look ill at first, but any green tinges are completely covered with most foundations. I am hooked on the green NYX HD Concealer which is thick, dry and heavy duty - not for everyone, of course, but if you're oily and red like me then you'll love this. Look out for yellow primers too, as they do a similar job (though not as thoroughly as a green one).

I dot it on the worst offending areas: cheeks are the priority, followed by chin. My forehead isn't particularly red but makeup tends to slip off this oily area and the primer really helps.

I blend it in a bit until I look suitably grey.


Here I am wearing MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC30. The MAC foundations with the 'NC' codes are generally more yellow toned than 'NW', which are pink. The very last thing you want to be doing after you've blanked out the redness with a green primer is putting the red all back in with a pinky foundation!! Steer clear from anything that looks peach or has peach in the name - go for beige, caramel colours. 


You then want to conceal your problem areas with a concealer. I use quite a full coverage concealer and pay special attention to my cheeks. Here I've used Collection Lasting Perfection in shade 3 - considering they only have about 4 shades, I got lucky that number 3 is a nice yellow colour. I know using a concealer might not feel like a 'secret', but it took me years to realise I was allowed to conceal my cheeks and that it wasn't just for the undereyes.


The temptation to pick up one of those beautiful pink, twinkling blushers with a picture of a rose carved into it and smother it all over my face is something I know all too well. But deep down I know that this is only going to undo all my hard work. I just use a nice beigey bronzer and let those caramel tones do the talking.

Let me know if you've got red skin issues, or if you have any secrets for me.

Chloe xxx

Monday, 29 September 2014

Smudgy Black Kohl

If you don't follow me on Instagram, you really are a numpty because you would have missed this extreme close up of my eye makeup. My username is chloejgorman, so give me a follow to ensure something this disastrous never happens again.
P.S, I don't have a hairy face, that's just a brush hair that got left behind.

I began by adding colour to my crease and upwards, as usual. I first used MAC Eyeshadow in 'Rule', then MAC Eyeshadow in 'Brown Script'. 

I then used Inglot Eyeshadow in 407 on my lid.

I then applied my black gel eyeliner with a big wing. The edge of my wing starts in the gap between my top eyelashes and bottom eyelashes - put your finger in that space now to feel where I mean. This is so I don't have a gap of skin showing when I apply eyeliner on my lower lash line.

I then started on the smudgy lower lash line. The first thing I did was smother my waterline with a black pencil - Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Perversion is the deepest black I've ever used, and it's so soft  that you only need to glide it gently along your waterline.

I then took it along my lower lash line, beneath the waterline. I gently applied a small amount of Perversion from the outer corner just until my iris and smudged it along with a pencil brush.

 It was initially a lot smokier than this, but I swiped a cotton bud to tidy it up a bit. Not sure if I can pull off the whole Kate Moss/slept in your eyeliner look, so I keep it neat. 

I skipped mascara on the lower lashline because I liked the shape I already had going on. I never ever do this, but I loved it!!

Chloe xxx

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Purple & Gold Eyes

You would be forgiven for thinking that gold should not be worn with purple (on the eyes, at least). The chances are that whoever you are, gold eyeshadows are your most reached-for of the bunch. But you needn't play it safe by pairing your golds with browns, bronzes and greys - I've been playing around with golds and purples this week and can't stop wearing this combination.

I started by applying MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation all over my face and all over my eyelids, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in problem areas (particularly my big rosy cheeks) and MAC Select Cover Up Concealer on my eyelids so they're ready to slap loads of different products onto. 
I then applied MAC eyeshadow in 'Quarry' as a transition shade - a mauve, pale purple/grey shade. By blending this nicely into my crease and above, the darker eyeshadows will be easier to blend in as they have something to blend IN to.

Next, I applied MAC eyeshadow in 'Fig 1' into my crease. The important thing with this step is that I'm holding my brush upside down: I moved the upside down brush back and forth along the crease, which makes the upper area (above my crease, towards my brow) really soft and blended, but the lower area with a harsh line, like a cut-crease. This will create a really nice, sharp contrast between the crease and the lid.

I then applied MAC eyeshadow in 'All That Glitters' all over my lid. Now do you see what I mean about the contrast?!

I took Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in 'Whiskey' along my lower lash line and a bit further, by sort of dragging it in up to meet my eyeshadow. I then blended it out with a pencil brush. 
Once I had done this, I drew a very small line where the gold eyeshadow meets the purple and blended this out with the pencil brush too.

After some gel eyeliner and mascara this is where we are.

I applied some false eyelashes, bronzer and those all-important eyebrows (Anastasia DipBrow in Blonde).

On my lips is a mixture of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in 'Interlace' and MAC Lipstick in  'Blankety'. 

Hope you like this and try it yourself!

Chloe xxx

Monday, 1 September 2014

August's Favourite Eye Makeup

It's September 1st and I'm reflecting on August and the end of summer. I feel like I wore this smokey orange/brown look almost everyday in August and, with the changing of seasons, am desperate to wear something else. But as my first post of September, I'll run you through it before I sweep it under the rug.

 I began by buffing MAC Brown Script eyeshadow into my crease and bringing it quite high up onto my brow bone. This really is the most amazing colour, it's like a mahogany brick colour.

I then took MAC Embark eyeshadow into the crease, being careful not to cover up too much Brown Script. This way you get a gradient effect, like the dark brown fades into an orange.

Next, I applied MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow on my lid. This picture is not doing it justice - it is much more glimmery and wonderful in real life.

By this point, All That Glitters had covered up some of my crease definition, so I went back in with Embark and then blended it out again with Brown Script. This helped me keep the vibrancy rather than letting the gold shimmer dull it down.

On my lower lashline I used Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Whiskey. God, what a product. These pencils are an incredible consistency - they apply smoothly and softly, giving you ages to play around with your line before it sets to a seriously hard-wearing finish. Whiskey is an orangey brown (of course) and I softened the line with a pencil brush. I then went over it a bit with MAC Embark, trying to join the lower lash line to the eyeshadow on my lid.

I finished up with the boring stuff - eyeliner, mascara, lashes, eyebrows.

It's definitely much more suited to autumn that it is to summer, but I feel like I have to let this one go for now! Goodbye summer :(

Chloe xxx

Monday, 18 August 2014

Sleek Lip 4 Lipstick Palette: 'Ballet'

I recently picked up this beautiful lipstick palette by Sleek in the shade 'Ballet'. I am already a huge fan of Sleek as a brand - their products are so delightfully cheap and consistently good quality. If you've ever tried their sought after I-Divine eyeshadow palettes you'll already know this! (Twelve highly pigmented eyeshadows for under a tenner... sounds ok to me).

There are six different Lip 4 lipstick palettes, but this gorgeous nudey pink combo was the obvious choice for me. The palette boasts four shades in a variety of finishes - there's a matte, a glossy and two satins.

Tutu is the glossy shade and is also the nudest shade. It's very pale and a really nice level of glossy - it feels similar to the MAC Sheen Supreme glossy lipsticks. This is probably the highlight of the palette for me. I can't wait to wear it with really dark eyes at night, it is perfect for that.

PliƩ is a satin finish and as a satin lipstick, it works really nicely. It's creamy with good colour payoff. The colour itself I'm not head over heels with yet, it's that 90s brown/Kylie Jenner colour I'm seeing everywhere at the moment, but feels a bit too dark right now. I think it could be a winner in autumn though.

Swan Lake is the matte finish, and it's a serious low point. It's dry and waxy and it took me quite a while to get any product on the brush at all. When I put the brush to my lips it dragged all over the place and my lips felt like they hadn't touched water in days. Serious desert island lips. The colour is also unflattering and highlights the imperfections on your lips.

Pirouette is another satin finish and is exactly the quality I expect from Sleek. This is my other favourite in the palette. It's lovely and creamy and the colour is a really nice pink; not too warm, not too cool. I love it.

So three out of four shades of this lip quad are really impressive, which isn't bad considering I paid £8.50!

The palette has a mirror on the inside aswell as a small lip brush, making it perfect for keeping in your bag.

Chloe xxx

You can buy Sleek in Boots or Superdrug, or on their website, where they currently have a sale on the lip quads. Just incase you want to save even more money...

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Dramatic Feline/Ombre Eyes

I can't decide whether this makeup look is more of a seriously winged-out cat eye, a Cleopatra style flick or a Lorde inspired ombre eyeliner look. Whatever it is, it's big, black and dramatic and I like it.
Keep reading if you want to know how I did it!

I will begin by apologising for the forthcoming photo. I look mentally unstable with no eyebrows and sellotape on my face. I have applied MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation and concealed my eyelids with MAC Select Cover-Up concealer.
I then used the tape trick: if you don't know about the tape trick, I will give you a basic explanation. You apply a piece of tape in a diagonal line that follows from your lower lash line to the tail of your brow. I highlighted it on the picture with a grey line. It acts as a kind of stencil, so you apply your eyeshadow with the tape on, remove the tape and you have a slick line. It's a great trick when you want a dramatic eye with harsh edges.

Secondly, I used an angled brush to apply a matte black eyeshadow, following the line of the tape. This forms the basis of the wing.

Then, starting from the tip of that wing, I drew a line in my crease and stop halfway in. You will want this line to be sharp and crisp rather than feathered, so try to do it in one fell swoop rather than going back over it a few times.

I then began filling in the wing.

I applied some bronzy gold eyeshadow on my lid - this is Inglot eyeshadow in shade 406, but really you could use anything to give it a different feel.

I then applied gel eyeliner in a thin line and mascara. I removed the tape before applying false lashes. When you remove the tape it can take off some of your foundation and other base products, so you might need to buff some concealer over the patch.

I finished things up with some bronzer and eyebrows.

Hope you like this serious wing look. If you try it, tell me how you get on!

Chloe xxx
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